Who are we?

Aloha! Thank you for seeing what we have to offer. We are educators dedicated to providing what we have learned this far in the industry and helping you succeed in your own business adventures. We truly believe in not being competitive with each other but with ourselves. Pushing ourselves to be the best because what we do in this industry is care for others… we all care passionately about our services and what we have to offer our clients.

We are also the company behind our products. Assembled, produced, handled and formulated just for you... individually.. and with care.

Ke Kō Professionals focus on the traditional art forms of Body Sugaring. Pure ingredients of Sugar, Lemon & Water…NO FILLERS or additives. We teach sugaring hair removal of all body parts, advanced techniques for each to decrease your timing and increase your revenue (ie. the 15min Brazilian), and of course the business side of things to get you started. 

All our products are Natural and filled with Organic Ingredients.

FREE of Parabens, Sulfates, Gluten, Dairy and are

NEVER tested on Animals.

We’re so proud to offer you phenomenal paste, products and educators!