Our Education Classes

Listed are our standard classes. We offer specialized group, individual and tailored classes upon request. Please contact the educator nearest you for more information. Each educator will have additional classes dates and availability not listed on this website. For any other questions feel free to call, text, email us anytime! We are here for you and ready to assist. 

Couple things about our classes: 

•Tuition amounts listed are our standard prices. Please check with your educator and specific class for more details.
•Our classes do NOT come with a kit but are required before class date since they include your manual and certificate as well. You have 3 kits to choose from and your educator will have a discount code for you for extra purchases day of class.

•The Advanced Certifications allows you to attend any of our future sugaring classes for FREE! Grab extra continued education and network with our students.

•All our classes offer FREE continued support for the life of you being a sugarista.
•Upon completion you will be entered into the Sugarista Database with numerous companies and given access to online social media support/groups, our Ke Kō App and many business marketing/planning tools.  
Hosting & Multi Student Discounts available depending on location.
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Advanced 1 - Day

Body Sugaring PLUS


1-4 Licensed Professionals. 8 hour classroom time with continued virtual guidance via skype or facetime. This class is perfect for someone wanting to split up their class time and practice at home. We will help guide you virtually over the phone after learning the basic Traditional form of Body Sugaring in class. Hands on sugaring during class will include back, legs, arms and under arms with demonstrations of brazilian and facial sugaring. Your instructor will provide all materials needed for the day of class.

Your certification will be approved and mailed to you once you have practiced,  been approved by your instructor and taken the online exam. 

Advanced 2 -Day

Body Sugaring


Perfect for 1 to 8 Licensed Professionals. Two 8hr classes. This class includes hair removal didactic, anatomy & physiology, all hands on sugaring practice and extra sugaring demonstrations. (legs, arms, under arms, back, chest, belly, face, brows and brazilian/bikini) We also include Business & Marketing Plans, access to our upcoming social media, app and of course this includes our Advanced Certification at the end of class if approved by instructor and passing of online exam. This class is intended to be well rounded and allows you to additionally attend any upcoming 2 Day class free of charge up to a year!

Basic 1 - Day

Body Sugaring


4-6 unlicensed Students, intended for students with over 400hrs in an esthetic program wanting an overview of basic sugaring. Includes review of hair growth/physiology, basic techniques for full body application. Hands on sugaring will include legs, under arms, arms and back. Brazilian and facial sugaring demonstrations available if model and time permits. 

Special rates may apply if class provides hosting and multiple students. Our Ke Kō Educators provide all products needed for class but models are asked to be provided. 

* This class is NOT a Certification. Certification available upon completion of the Advanced Brazilian certification class.

Refresher 1 /2 Day

Body Sugaring


1-2 Practitioners. Intended for Locals and Professionals willing to travel individually to our Education Center in San Diego. Perfect for the Practitioner wanting to transfer Certificates to Ke Kō Professionals or want to quickly refresh from year of absence. This refresher is also available via skype/facetime. Please contact an educator near you or headquarters for more information.

Brazilian/Manzilian Sugaring


Are you ready to offer Brazilians and Manzilians? Let’s get you ready for the 15 minute sugar so you can optimize your time and revenue. Learn how to quickly seek out the best patterns and techniques for each client. We ask that you provide the models if we are asked to educate at your location. Please contact the educator nearest you if you'd like to schedule this class. We offer this class most often and by request only because of it's intimate requirements. 

Brow Shaping/Facial Sugaring


The face is such an incredibly sensitive area. We want to make sure you learn all our little trade secrets to keep clients from having reactions and breaking out. Then we think brows, get your clients to trust you with brows by getting educated on how to perfect each clients individualized brow shape. This class if all about the different techniques that are available for all facial sugaring and how to choose the proper products to help facilitate a great outcome. No more brow jitters after this class!

Online Basic Course

$339 (optional payment plan available)

We are pleased to announce our partnership with iSugar University to bring you quality, consistent Body Sugaring training. This series will take the licensed estie/cosmo through the theory and art of Body Sugaring. After passing the final exam and producing a demonstration video, you too can become a CERTIFIED Body Sugaring Professional! Once certified, iSugarU will send us your certification and you will be able to purchase your supplies.

Don't forget to choose 1 of 3 Student Class kits. Discount code provided from iSugar University at registration.

Cheers to your success!